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Safety Nets for Homeowners and Business Owners in Michigan

“Wait, I already have a home insurance policy! I have liability insurance for my business, too.” Insurance is all about asking what if? and then making sure you’re financially prepared for any outcome. What happens if you max out your liability policy and still owe money? That’s what umbrella insurance is for.


Personal Insurance Services

Having the right insurance is about more than protection. That’s important, but having the right insurance policy for your life is about having peace of mind. CG Insurance is client-first, meaning we are dedicated to helping every resident in Michigan explore all the options available on the market, with one team. It’s true, Complete Coverage™.

Personal umbrella policies are designed to protect you against a lawsuit. If your business gets sued or you own property and someone is injured, your liability policy could reach its limit and you might face a financial loss. While these policies operate very similarly in every state, your business is unique to our community in Michigan. At CG Insurance, we’re well acquainted with the needs of homeowners and business owners in Michigan.

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