Michigan Flood Insurance

Michigan is notoriously known for floods. Despite the government's efforts to contain the situation, residents still face massive losses during flooding events. Many people still don’t know much about flood insurance and have not bought the coverage to protect their homes. If you are a Williamston, MI resident, feel free to reach us up at CG Insurance Agency for any information about floods because we care about you and what matters to you.

What is flood insurance?

Flood insurance is a type of coverage that protects your home from water damage that is specifically caused by flooding due to heavy downpour, melting snow, blocked storm drainage systems, and coastal storm surges.


Facts about flood insurance

The internet provides tons of information about floods, which can be helpful to any Michigan resident. Learning how flood insurance works also helps you stay one step ahead, especially in preparation for a flooding event. Floods can be destructive if not properly managed, and the recovery process is usually slow and tedious. Here are a few facts that we thought you should know about flood insurance.


  • Flood insurance only covers damage that is directly caused by floods—too much rain. If the water damage is not directly caused by excessive rain like an overflowing swimming pool, flood insurance may not cover the loss.
  • Home insurance does not cover the damage. Home insurance can cover water-related damages such as broken pipes or taps, which are not caused by rain.
  • Everyone needs flood insurance. No one is ever safe from floods in Williamston, MI. Having a flood insurance policy can save you from huge financial losses that are caused by floods.
  • Flood insurance only covers the dwelling and personal belongings. Flood insurance is primarily centered on protecting your home and its contents. If you live in a mansion with a few floors, you may want to concentrate on the contents on the lower floors.


Don’t wait till the floods come knocking to buy insurance. Find everything you need from CG Insurance Agency and protect yourself today!

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