Why Basic Auto Insurance May Not Be the Right Choice

When it comes to auto insurance, you have lots of choices. What you choose for your coverage begins with the amount of coverage you need and what is required.

At CG Insurance Agency in Williamston, MI, we help our customers to make the choice that is best for them.


What is basic auto insurance?

In Michigan, the amount of basic auto insurance that you as a driver are required to have is 20/40/10. This means that you must have coverage of $20,000 for injuries sustained by a single person in an accident where you are the responsible party. $40,000 for the total amount of personal injury in any accident. An additional $10,000 is allowed for property damage.


Is basic insurance enough?

It isn’t enough if you have a car loan or are leasing a vehicle. The bank or leasing company requires that you have more than basic insurance. They want you to protect the vehicle in which they have a stake. If you use your car every day to go about your daily activities, having your car is important. You may want to consider more than basic insurance.


Additional coverage options

Collision is exactly what it sounds like, protection for your vehicle if you are involved in an accident and are at fault. It will pay to repair or replace your vehicle after you pay the deductible.

Comprehensive coverage covers non-collision damage to your vehicle or theft. It protects you from weather events, vandalism, and large animals.

Gap coverage is very valuable if you have a new car and don’t want to lose money if you have an accident that totals your new car.


Get The Right Coverage for Your Needs

Contact CG Insurance Agency in Williamston, MI, if you have questions about the right auto insurance for you. We are glad to help!

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