What Type of Car Insurance Protects My Vehicle From Hail and Lightning Damage in Williamston, MI?

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage may pay for damage due to wind, fire, hail, smoke, theft, falling objects, vandalism, and lightning. However, every policy is different, and it’s a good idea to talk with your agent at CG Insurance Agency in Williamston, MI. We can help you understand what your current policy covers and make any needed adjustments to ensure that you are covered for hail and lightning damage.

Coverage for Dings and Dents Related to Hail Damage

When hail falls, it can be anywhere from the size of a pea to the size of a grapefruit or larger. Quarter-sized hail measures about one inch in diameter and can cause dents, dings, broken glass, and other damage that impacts your vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance often pays for severe weather events, including hail. It may also cover you for events such as hitting a large animal or falling branches that can damage your vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance for Lightning Strikes

You can purchase optional comprehensive insurance to help cover damage to your car due to a lightning strike. Comprehensive coverage provides extra protection that can help prevent out-of-pocket losses. If your insurance includes lightning and hail damage, you may get reimbursed for damages minus the deductible.

Without comprehensive coverage, you may not receive reimbursement for repairs needed due to a lightning strike. You can receive a check for the damages for hail and lightning damage to your vehicle once your claim has been approved. It’s also important to understand how your payout works if your vehicle is a total loss.

Contact the pros at CG Insurance Agency in Williamston, MI to schedule an in-person meeting to receive a quote for comprehensive insurance covering your vehicle. We can also look at your auto policy to make sure that you’re covered for other potential events.

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