What is a Home Inventory Sheet?

A home inventory sheet is an important tool to help you in the event that you need to make a claim that extends to your possessions. This entails creating a document detailing all the items that are in your home, as oftentimes, you won’t be able to accurately recall the entirety of the contents of your home after a disaster takes place.

Typically, you will also include a written description with as much information as possible to accompany every entry, especially your valuables. It’s important to also record the things that are in your storage rooms or closets, and that may be located in the hallways.

You may compile this data with pen and paper, and there also exist templates for you to use online. Your CG Insurance Agency representative can give you more specific information on this process. Additionally, it isn’t the law in Williamston, MI that you purchase homeowners insurance, but your lender will typically require it for the duration in which you carry a balance.

Your home inventory sheet should include photos of your items, and if possible, take these from various angles. Be sure to collect receipts and to photograph these as well, as paper and ink tend to degrade over time. Gather serial numbers and other identifying codes, such as make and model classification.

Be sure to provide your insurance agent with a copy of your completed home inventory sheet and to keep one in a separate location, such as uploading it into the cloud or another online storage unit.


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